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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Who's Who Behind the Scenes

RESTRUCTURING of our physical plant and grounds personnel and tasks has bought our support structures more in line with today's needs.

Mr. Pete Murray, who had headed the physical plant department for many years now heads the construction and safety committee which oversees our many buildings both on and off campus. It's hard to see which is the more difficult task: reconstruction and renovation projects or beefing up the security in said buildings. (If you hadn't noticed, there are surveillance cameras focused on the far-too many entrances to the main building.) The beautiful remodeling of our 39th Street House two years ago was overseen by Pete.

Mr. Al Vitiello heads our physical plant, whose main headache is keeping this largest Oriental-style building in the Western Hemisphere in tip-top shape. (Flash forward 50 years. Chinese restaurant? Embassy and residence for the People's Republic of China? Retreat Center for Koreans, Vietnamese and Haitians? World headquarters of the small but vital Maryknoll Fathers & Brothers? Both of them?)

Mr. Rich Adams who had been our telephone and computer cable guy is now chief electrician; Mr. Tom Dunstan who had been electrician is now assistant director and Mr. Tom McShane is now electrician. Mr. Brian Daniels remains our faithful and talented carpenter, doing everything from dog run fences to bookcases, shelves and even barns. Mr. Mario Cerdas is head of housekeeping and special events supervisor while Ms. Teresa Rodriquez, in addition to being our sacristan, is room attendant supervisor.

(Dizzy yet?) Need a job done? Keeping all sections in communication with one another is Ms. Carolyn Caparco, who takes our calls and requests and puts out work orders to all of the above.

Keeping a facility the size of Maryknoll up and running is no small accomplishment. These men and women work tirelessly behind the scenes to insure that we have everything we need to make our headquarters functioning and fun. In addition to making our home comfortable, they allow us to welcome outside groups to come experience and enjoy the Maryknoll spirit.

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