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Monday, October 5, 2009


TIRED OF SPAM? (Junk email, not the delectable gourmet confection popular with residents of Hong Kong and trailer parks around the U.S. of A.) Maryknoll provides the Postini spam filter service free of charge to those with addresses. Just log on to to register and get started. It will quarantine virus-infected emails and keep other spam out of your regular mailbox.

Now for the bad news. You'll have to log on to every so often to sort through your junk and delete the real spam but be careful not to also delete a legit email from someone whose address the system inadvertently found suspicious. These good emails you can then forward to your regular mailbox and the system will accept them in the future. The other good news is you can always use this as an excuse for not responding to someone in a more timely manner: "I'm sorry. Your email must have gotten deleted with junk mail." (Be advised, however, this only works once per person.)

Now for worse news. For all our machinations and policies and restrictions to protect our system from hackers and viruses, if you haven't noticed by now, something obviously gained access to our email address lists or phone book and has been spewing out bogus promotions and messages in our names all bearing a legitimate Maryknoller's email address!

Read the subject line carefully and you'll know that Fr. Bill Grimm in Japan clearly does not want to enhance any part of anyone's anatomy and Br. Joe Bruenner in Chicago is no relation whatsoever to some woman named Tiffany who wants to get to know you better. I know things have run amok when I get spam on a regular basis from myself, bearing my own email address!

So far this is just a nuisance. Who knows what mischief these hackers are capable of? Spoke with Fr. John Eybel, rector of our formation program, who is anxious to save our sems from forfeiting their online freedom. By being connected to our system, their web access is very slow. Since they have TV from Comcast, I suggested they investigate if they can get Wi Fi and a router and declare independence from the Maryknoll system altogether. Anyone have better suggestions?

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