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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Los Altos Vocation Retreat

SIX YOUNG MEN from the west coast will participate in a vocation retreat this weekend (October 30~ Nov. 1) at our residence in Los Altos, California. Rev. Mr. Stephen DeMartino, director of vocation ministries, will give the talks assisted by Fr. Dave LaBuda and Br. Tim Raible.

According to Steve, the religious activities planned for the retreat are in response to what the retreatants themselves requested: Benediction, rosary and Stations of the Cross. But he was quick to add that these traditional devotions will have a decidedly Maryknoll and mission feel. Prayers to Our Lady of Maryknoll, meditations on the Maryknoll martyrs, the Maryknoll Way of the Cross and the mission rosary will blend the best of Catholic devotions with Maryknoll's charism of overseas mission.

Please send palanca for the men on retreat and for the vocation ministers to

Make sure you add your current mission. It is very edifying to have prayers come in from around the Maryknoll world. Pray for an increase in vocations to Maryknoll Fathers & Brothers!

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