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Thursday, September 10, 2009

The actual petition

BELOW is the actual wording of the petition to suppress the U.S. Region posted earlier today. Maryknollers not part of the U.S. who wish to add their support are invited to modify the part about U.S. membership and cut/paste it to an email to Fr. Dougherty.


We the undersigned members of the U.S. Region, respectfully petition the General Council

• To immediately suspend the voting for a new U.S. regional superior
• To suppress the U.S. Region
• To name a Council Member as canonical superior of the active members assigned to the United States
• To appoint Br. Wayne Fitzpatrick as Administrator of Maryknollers in the United States and delegate to him all administrative and practical decisions regarding active members residing in the United States.
• To hold elections for three assistants to the Administrator

This in no way jeopardizes or compromises participation or representation at Chapter, with the Administrator attending ex officio, with both active and passive vote, and with such elected delegates as current Society laws and practices allow.


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