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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Congratulations, Mike!

Fr. Mike Duggan celebrates 50 years of Mission Priesthood in Maryknoll with a Mass and outdoor luncheon for about 150 family and friends. Guests have flown in from as far away as London and driven in from Phoenix for the occasion.

It is like an impromptu reunion of "Old-Korea" hands with former lay missioners Bonnie Brunner, Rita Reickert, Jim Pronbst and Barb Pavelka attending, along with former Maryknollers Dick Hitchcock and Jose Padin. Most of the Maryknoll Sisters who worked in Korea and are now at the Sisters Center also attended along with Maryknoll Fathers & Brothers in residence. Father Jack Corcoran, here on furlough from Nepal, joined in the festivities. Sr. Jean Maloney was here and will be back in Korea on Thursday the 24th.

Ms. Lucille Naughton even came out of retirement to conduct the schola of Fathers Marty Lowery, Kevin Hanlon and Joe Veneroso, Maryknoll Sisters Alice Cardillo, Rose Guercio, Nori Mojado, Elizabeth Terblock and Dolores Condon, former MLM Barbara Pavelka (who also played flute!), Mr. Jon Prudhomme (Bonnie's husband) and Mr. Jack Naughton (Lucille's husband) with Father Ed Szendrey serving as cantor.

After the meal, Hopi made an appearance, much to the delight of the children and relief of the parents. Between throwing and chasing tennis balls and frisbees, and with all the running around, Hopi and the kids will all sleep well tonight.

Once again, Sodexo did a superb job with both food and decor, with maroon tableclothes and vases of fresh flowers at each table.

Following the official festivities, the "Old Korea Hands" lingered in the Quad for an impromptu, three-hour sing-along, comprised of Broadways tunes and folksongs with Jon Prudhomme leading with guitar and voice.

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