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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Petition to Suppress U.S. Region

AN E-PETITION asking the General Council to suppress the U.S. region was emailed to members of the region late this morning.

It respectfully called upon Society leadership to immediately suspend voting for a new regional and to appoint a member of the General Council to act as superior for the men in the U.S.

It further asks that Br. Wayne Fitzpatrick—by virtue of the overwhelming vote he received from the members—be appointed Administrator for the men in the U.S., and given all responsibilities and decision-making powers to assist in our ministerial and departmental activities.

I was at the 1984 Chapter that created the U.S. Region specifically to give adequate Chapter representation to the growing number of Maryknollers living and working in the U.S. The unwieldy nature of this beast became apparent to both Fathers Ray Hill and later Bill Mullan.

This petition in no way abrogates nor compromises representation of the U.S. members at future Chapters. It asks that the Administrator attend ex officio and that delegates be elected in proportion to our membership and Maryknoll's laws.

It also calls for election of three assistants to help the Administrator in his dealing with U.S. membership.

If the recipient of the email agrees with the petition, he is asked to forward, sign and send it to the superior general.

The intent is to give the General Council a sense of the mind of the U.S. membership on how best to proceed following Br. Wayne's vetoed election.

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