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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Plot Thickens

SINCE IT SEEMS UNLIKELY that one man will emerge a winner after the next ballot due at the end of September, perhaps we here at the Knoll will have time now to consider other options. One which has surfaced is for the General Council to suppress the U.S. Region and allow for a Coordinator to handle the ministerial affairs and needs of missioners in the States. Absent the clerical-sounding title of Superior, Wayne---or any other Brother or priest---could lawfully fulfill that role.

An ad-hoc house meeting (with members living away from the Center communicating via texting or email) might be in order to surface creative responses to our current situation.

In these interesting times and given the spirit of our last Chapter, it is incumbent upon all Maryknollers---members no less than leadership---to start showing some originality and creativity. Or are we just going to continue to stitch new cloth onto old fabric or put new wine into old wineskins, to paraphrase the gospel? If I recall, that parable did not end well.


  1. I read through the blogs; and the reality ever since Ray Hill was US Regional Superior is that the US Region is so diverse - it was in his day with more active younger members; and when Bill Mullan took over - the "monstrous size of the US Region made it practically ungovernable.

    What has changed from their times is that the bulk of the US residents, active members - are much older and almost all reside at either the Knoll or Los Altos residence.

    It would seem to me, that there are three groups to be governed, fall under the US Regional [whatever that means] these two house; and everybody else.

    It used to be that the distinctions of members in the US region were, promotion, social communications, center administration. Each of these had a superior/ coordinator; and it was seen as important that they be represented on the US Regional Council.

    It strikes me that update the defining functions of the region and of course the major one of listening to the personnel is perhaps the overarching one. Redefinition implies evaluating what are the major features: personnel visitation... etc... Input from past regionals would be helpful.

    But since I am a mere outsider - former member, now fully retired, perhaps I should keep my thoughts to myself.

    All the best with your blog, greetings to the men at the Knoll.

    Peace, Carl Meulemans

  2. This scenario would create the problem of adequate and fair representation for the members of the (hypothetically defunct) U.S. Region. The wicket only gets stickier and stickier.

  3. The U.S. wasn't always a region, and it's a funny region anyway. Morphing the U.S. into something else would underscore that the raison d'etre of the Society is overseas mission.

    John Waldrep

  4. I agree that we need to be more creative in communication. It was agreed at chapter that leadership should look at ways to foster infomation and discussion from members and members to leadership. I get information from blogs, links etc. on facebook or blogs like this. We need more formal ways of this type of communication. It is difficult to get second and third hand info and yet you receive nothing directly from those who are responsible and who know that facts. No easy task but communication communication is basic and key.