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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Are we having fun yet?

IF TIME FLIES when you're having fun, the following Maryknoll Employees must be having a blast. Feted at today's Awards Ceremony held at 11:00 in Queen of Apostles Chapel, those working for us for FIVE years:

Victor Andaur (Center Administrator); Diane Bernardini (Direct Marketing); Cheryl Bouza (Treasury); Holly Brown (I.T.—Donor Services); Kevin Crumm (Mail Services); Maggie Fitzgerald (Human Resources); Maria Gallego (Physical Plant—Custodial); Stephen Green (Los Altos); John Halbohn (I.T.—Donor Services); Anli Hsu (China Project): Monika Kazmierczak (Controllers); Dian Lopez (St. Teresa's); Rose Anne Marks (I.T.—Donor Services; Claudio Martinez (Physical Plant—Custodial); Ingrid Martinez (Physical Plant—Custodial); Lynn Monahan (MARYKNOLL magazine); Barbara Osborne (Council Secretariate); Mirtha Otero (Center Administrator) Valrie Phillips (St. Teresa's); Donald Puhala (I.T. Data Center Operations); Junior Stewart (St. Teresa's); Florinda Vargas (Center Administrator)

REALLY having fun are those who worked for Maryknoll 10 years:

Gerardo Avalos (Los Altos); Rene Baulieu (I.T.—Donor Services); Albert Bush (St. Teresa's); Carolyn Caparco (Physical Plant—Supervision); Oscar Cardona (Physical Plant—Custodial); Veronica Davis (Direct Marketing); Janet Fritz (Health Services); Christine Green (St. Teresa's); Freddy Infante (Printing Services); Ewa Iracka (Treasury); Mary Ellen Jablon (Health Services); Joseph Mahnken (I.T. Client Support Services); Joseph Melfi (I.T.—Data Center Operations); Page Nikitopoulos (Mail Services); Claire Robinson (Controllers); Myrna Rodriguez (Interactive Media—MEP); Giovanna Soria (MARYKNOLL/Revista—MEP)

HAVING SO MUCH FUN they can hardly see straight are those here 15 years:

Laurie Faughnan (Cotrollers); Kathleen Golden (Media productions); Cynthia Maligaya (Seattle
Mission Promotion); Elizabeth Porter (Mail Service); Luis Vargas (St. Teresa's)

SHEER BLISS attained by those working here 20 years:

Marie Dennis (Office for Global Concerns); Debro Dixon (Physical Plant—Custodial); Tommie Edwards (Center Administrator); Frank Enzerillo (I.T. Administration); Anne Marie Hefele (I.T.—Business Applications); Larry MacDonald (Physical Plant—Custodial); James Matthieu (Center Warehouse); Denise Pierce (I.T.—Administrator); Daniel Sudlow (Center Warehouse); Laurie Vara (St. Teresa's); Dodie Wolert (Controllers)

ABSOLUTELY ECSTATIC are those who have been with us 25 years:

Pete Murray (Treasury); Elizabeth O'Mara (I.T.—Donor Services); Robert Wheeler (Physical Plant—Security);

IN SEVENTH HEAVEN are our employees here 30 years:

Larry Bayer (Los Altos); Patricia Healey (Council Secretariate)

HAVING MORE FUN THAN ANY MORTAL COULD POSSIBLY EXPECT are these who have worked for us for 35 years:

Robin Daday (St. Teresa's); Susan Dahl (Treasury); Karen Phelan (Treasury)

SUPER G Ed Dougherty led the prayer service during which the awards and gifts were handed out assisted by Adriane Monaro Glass, head of Human Resources, and Jody Turner.

Father Ron Saucci and his famous "What is the Third World?" street interview (years before Jay Leno's Jay Walking) was referenced to the delight of all.

A luncheon followed in the Quadrangle where everyone enjoyed the wonderful September weather and great food and fellowship.

In the days to come, the entire General Council will slip off to Rome for their Quarterly Meeting.

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