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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

M.M. = More Meetings

To give you all a sense that you are really back home with us here at the Knoll and what you are missing, I am happy to blog right as it happens, live from the Asia Room, our


Br. John Blazo welcomed the group to the first meeting of the new season and lead with the Maryknoll Litany of Peace, from a prayer card available in bulk to anyone interested. (We have 60,000 copies.)

Fr. Ernie Lukaschek, pastoral coordinator, brought up the HIPA restrictions that surfaced at our last meeting. He now gets a notice from St. Teresa's as to the movement of members back and forth from the hospital or between here and St. Teresa's. Br. Alex Walsh said he signed many releases so Maryknollers can be notified as to his medical situation. Fr. John Keegan said the pastoral coordinator is not bound to confidentiality once he learns of a man's health situation. Notices on the bulletin board are often not updated or are left up with incorrect info.

We are revising the "Buddy System" whereby a member living here in the house lists a "Buddy" who will know that person's whereabouts or general state of health so that we do not have a repeat of incidents of someone not being seen for awhile and, absent an official buddy, Ernie had to go out of his way to verify their continued existence and well-being.

Fr. Jack Casey brought up an incident of a man at Los Altos suffering a stroke and lying on the floor several days before the staff opened his door to find him. Now at Los Altos the men indicate by 8 a.m. that they are up and about.

The next topic was bulletin boards. The Liturgy Committee will now post liturgical activities for the week. Ernie recommends whoever posts something should sign it and remove it in a timely manner.

No movement yet on unblocking access to YouTube and Facebook for men in the house.

Ernie confesses "The Year of the Priest" remains a mystery to him but a website offers posters, prayers and other paraphernalia.

John Blazo asked the community what we would like to see in 2010, special days or events.

Fr. Bob Jalbert, chair of the Centenary committee, will report next month as to plans for our 100th. Fr. Dan Dolan suggests we do more to commemorate the deceased Maryknollers and take time to read their obits on their anniversary.

Fr. Joe LaMar mentioned that the monthly Birthday Cake gets devoured before anyone has the opportunity to find out who is celebrating.

John Blazo asked for any stories or anecdotes about the time Gene Autrey visited Maryknoll in the 1950s.

Liturgical concerns dominated the second half of the meeting with the Mystery of the Incredibly Disappearing Albs topmost on the agenda. Many were just bought and have already vanished. Fr. John Kaserow, liturgy coordinator, asked why men who receive a P.A. don't buy their own or at least bring them back once borrowed. Most of the beautiful Chinese-style chasubles that came from Hingham have all disappeared as has an entire liturgical set of Korean, summer chasubles.

New translation of the Sacramentary is due out in 2011. Br. Wayne Fitzpatrick, head of Office of Lifelong Formation, has ordered an explanatory pamphlet for everyone in the house, due in October.

Our existence having once again been validated by a meeting, we adjourned to Happy Hour—and Evening Prayer.


  1. I was starting to worry that you had disappeared from blogging

  2. Not to worry! Not too much going on today, but the rest of the week looks interesting!