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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Here ya go, Charlie!

Father Joe LaMar celebrates Mass today as Mr. Andy Fitzgerald reads. And, as another Sign of the End Times, the statue of Our Lady of Maryknoll FINALLY got moved to its proper position in front of the curtain in the Spellman Room.

Initial plans call for a simple (yet tasteful) dedication service following Mass on Wednesday, Oct. 7, Feast of the Holy Rosary.

IMHO, when you stand in the "Magic Circle" in the Rotunda "Pax Intratibus, Salus Exeuntibus" and look toward the Spellman Room, the statue draws you nearer and invites you to pray.


  1. Thanks for the photo! That's a really interesting configuration, one I haven't seen before. Where did it come from? Was this an in-house renovation or was there a liturgical architect involved or ???

  2. Is Joe Lamar losing his hair???

  3. Charlie—Kaserow designed the chapel arrangement. Sivalon—Joe lost his hair a long time ago; you're just noticing.