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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Revenge of the Pachamama?

Father Fern Gosselin was injured yesterday when he was hit by a tractor while working in the Pachamama farm just north of St. Teresa's. Get well soon, Fern!

The injuries forced Fern to cancel his participation in the Maryknoll Variety show that was held today from 10 a.m. to noon. The show, dubbed Carbaret Edoardo (after the Doc) consisted of various acts performed by employees and Maryknollers, with the cabaret theme carried over with decor and cocktail tables. Mr. Bob Ambrose acted as M.C. (a lá Alan Cummings, minus the sleaze) and also sang in the Doo-Wop rendition of "Teenager in Love."

Br. John Blazo and Fr. John Moran did a hilarious skit on the miscommunication between a returning missioner and the IT department, with terms like "Window", "Word" "Office" and "Money" throwing the missioner into reverse culture shock. The banter was right up there with the famous "Who's on First?" routine.

The Council (minus Fr. José Aramburu who conveniently planned his trip to Korea to escape) brought down the house with "There is Nothing Like a Dame", the irony apparently lost on most in the audience.

There were two segments of six acts each and an intermission. A lot of time and effort went into this show, with slides of Gaudeamuses and plays past projected on the screen to remind people this is just the latest in a long Maryknoll tradition of Dog and Pony shows---or bread and circuses.

But a good time was indeed has by all in the standing-room only crowd.

It was videoed so you may be able to get a DVD copy from Ms. Maureen Toohey or watch it on our local Channel 15 when you next visit the Knoll.

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