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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Small but vital

THE ONLY PART of Fr. John Kaserow's letter in opposition to the Petition that made my heart sink was his suggestion we dedicate (yet another!) assembly to discuss our diminishment as a Society. My gut reaction was, "Oh God, not again!"

"Small but vital" became the buzz word of the 2002 Chapter following a late-entry and brief paper by Fr. Larry Lewis. We recognized this as the underlying issue underpinning all other topics. It went on to dominate the post-Chapter process. We read papers, we broke out in small groups, we broke out in hives and I am happy to report that after seven years of discussion on "Small but vital" we have achieved half of our objective.

Now comes John's suggestion we assemble and discuss "diminishment". I got a better idea: why not discuss what it means to be "vital"? It seems like the first is going to happen no matter how many committees we form. How we remain alive and responsive, creative and involved without giving in to cynicism and grouchiness, now THERE is a challenge.

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  1. I could not agree with you more!! We have already hit the iceberg. Can we PLEASE stop debating the myriad consequences of getting into a lifeboat, and instead talk about how we CAN STILL get to where we must go, even if we have to do so in a smaller, less steady craft!? In other words, let's discuss how we will remain relevant when we have 20 active members, instead of 1020. Will we be doing the same things? Probably not. Will our contribution to the mission of the Church be as significant? I don't know. Let's start rowing and we'll see!!