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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Feast of St. Michael the Archangel

CONGRATULATIONS to the Maryknoll Brothers on this, the feast day of their patron saint. Highlight of the day will be a community Mass at 4:15 in the main chapel, followed by preprandials in the Third Floor rec room and beer & wine at supper.

Out-going regional, Fr. Clyde Philips will be the celebrant with Br. John Blazo and Fr. Mike Duggan doing the readings.

Officially known as the Auxiliary Brothers of St. Michael, the Maryknoll Brothers' charisms are community and hospitality, and luckily not leading the heavenly hosts in cosmic combat against the forces of evil, a.k.a Birthers, Teabaggers and other Rightwing Wingnuts of the G.O.P. But I digress.

Adding suspense is whether the fabled relic of St. Michael will once again make an appearance as in days of old when a new guy was asked to bear it in solemn procession. According to Br. Kevin Dargan, who single-handedly restored this feast's solemnity to its former glory and successfully fended off a funeral and electric maintenance to keep the celebration on track, three curmudgeons vehemently objected to bringing back the relic last year. If I can get him to name names, they will appear in a future update.

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  1. Your last comment ties in well with your post some weeks back about restoring traditions. I say BRING BACK THE RELIC. Having one's feet on the ground does not preclude lifting one's eyes towards heaven (though it may necessitate stepping a little more carefully, which is probably not a bad thing). Said curmudgeons need not participate if they find it so objectionable (I suspect that they will not be missed).