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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

MK Brothers festivities

A GRAND TIME was had by all at the Mass of St. Michael, followed by a happy hour and steak dinner. Kudos to Br. Kevin, whose efforts paid off as 11 Brothers and most of the resident community attended. (Note from Larry Liturgy: "What's with processing in with the Sacramentary? You'd think by now we'd have the rubrics down."

Aside from that faux pas, things went smoothly if musically sparingly with just an opening hymn (Amazing Grace) and closing with the updated Maryknoll hymn, sung á capella as Judy, our organist, was a no-show. Apparently a last minute scramble to find the version of the MK hymn with a verse about the Brothers proved futile.

There are only 53 Brothers left, an endangered species indeed.

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