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Monday, September 28, 2009

Voting results

Seventy three eligible voters returned 63 valid ballots, including two abstentions. Fr. Mike Duggan received 21 votes; Fr. Bob Jalbert received 15; Fr. John Moran 13 and Fr. Steve Booth 12.

A third and final ballot will go out with the two top vote-getters: Mike and Bob. From these the regional membership is asked to submit their votes by Oct. 23.

Scrutators were Fr. Wayman Deasy and Br. Don Miriani.

Interesting development: the current term of the regional superior expires October 1. Who will be the regional in the interim? Mike Duggan is First Assistant, but he too ends that position on Oct. 1. Will a member of the general council be appointed? Or will we coast for four weeks and hope for the best?

Also, a canon lawyer has advised that Br. Wayne could be appointed First Assistant once we settle the regional superior position, by virtue of the vote he already received. This would certainly speed up this tortuous balloting and we could then proceed immediately to electing the Second and Third Assistants.

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