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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Spell-binding suspense

I neglected to add that our current, out-going U.S. regional, Fr. Clyde Phillips, has served as head of MEP for the past year. Is this to be considered an integral part of the job of U.S. regional superior or does the enormity (Is that even a word? Do I have way too much time on my hands?) of the task of either position preclude one man from adequately serving as both?

If a Maryknoller feels one man can do both, then Bob might be the right man for regional.

If a Maryknoller feels MEP deserves a full-time director and the U.S. region a full-time superior, than another man must be elected.

Or will Bob resign from MEP to devote himself fully to the job of regional, should he be elected?

Or would the newly-elected regional simply act as regent to his First Assistant who, most likely, would be Br. Wayne Fitzpatrick?

The suspense is palpable.

The Byzantine Empire had nothing on us!

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