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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Disingenuous Disclaimer

All the posts to this blog are the biased, slanted and at times random rants solely of the Blogmeister and are not officially sanctioned, condoned nor supported, much less agreed to by anyone in or out of leadership at Maryknoll.

If you want Fair and Balanced, go to Fox.

Feel free to post rebuttals, denials and condemnations and of course, agreement. Your opinions and suggestions are especially welcome!

Updates are made several times a day so check in early and often.


  1. Biased, slanted or rant it's good to get some news out of the Knoll in a timely manner...thanks, Joe!

  2. If you are not going to be fair & balanced, can you at least yell at your guests until the blood vessels in your eyes start to burst, a la Hannity or O'Reilley?

  3. Re WiFi at Maryknoll. Just install a commercial router (like Best Western has) and get a wide bandwidth contract with Comcast or the cable company that is servicing Maryknoll. Have IT hold the security password and only they authorize and active those who get to use the service. This will keep the service limited to Society members and prohibit drive-bys. It will also take the main building off of the Maryknoll network. No need for external auditors. The authorization of password is the Society's authorization to use the service.....just a practical and cheap way to solve this problem!

  4. If you can view YouTube, check out the Maryknoll Vocation video channel at: